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The planting plan
Row spacing Sowing seeds in a container

The planting plan

Earlier in this session you saw  some plans that students were considering for a summer garden. Since doing some  reading on garden planning, the students have decided to draw up a new plan to  make the best use of their garden.

The students want to grow:

Plant    Spacing required
climbing beans
      50 cm
      30 cm
      30 cm
      30 cm
      25 cm

Here is the garden plan.

Garden plan

 Complete Activity 7B in your workbook

Key points

  • The main reason for planning your winter vegetable garden is so your plants get maximum light and space.
  • A planting plan should show the rows running from north to south.
  • Tallest growing plants should be on the west side of the plot and shortest on the east side.

What's next?

Go to: 8 Sowing seeds in a container.

Row spacing Sowing seeds in a container