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Row spacing
Your planting plan The planting plan

Row spacing

Remember that fully-grown plants  will take up a lot more space than seeds or seedlings.
  Plants need space to grow and  spread out. If plants are grown to close together they will compete with each other  for light, nutrients, water and space.

Correct and incorrect spacing of rows Fully grown carrots

Directions for row and plant  spacing can be found on seed packets or in gardening books.

Plant grouping

Wherever possible, grow similar  crops together. They will have similar growing requirements. Winter leaf crops  like spinach, broccoli and cabbage are put together because they need nitrogen  fertiliser and lime.
  Radish and carrots will grow  together in a soil that is level and with a fine tilth.

Growing plants together with  similar requirements will make it easy to:

  • water
  • weed
  • control  pests and diseases
  • fertilise
  • harvest.

What's next?

Go to: 7.2 The planting plan.

Your planting plan The planting plan