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HT1021 - Practical skills - Your planting plan
Preparation of your garden Row spacing

Your planting plan

The main reason for planning  your garden is so that your plants get maximum light and space.

Plan your:

  • row  direction
  • row  order – which plants go in which rows
  • row  spacing – how far apart the rows should be
  • plant  grouping.

Row direction and order

Rows should run north to south  wherever possible. This will give the plants the most sunlight during the day  because the sun rises in the east, travels in an arc and then sets in the west.

The order of the rows is  important because you don't want the taller plants to shade the shorter ones.

Smaller vegetables such as  lettuce and carrots can be grown on the sunniest side or east side.

The taller plants, like climbing  or staked plants, should be on the west side.
  This will prevent smaller plants  from being shaded.

Plan your garden to maximise growing conditions

The diagram shows the row order from tallest to shortest for broad beans, lettuce and carrots.

Activity 7 Help plan a garden by placing the vegetables in their correct rows.

Drag and drop the plants onto the trowel corresponding to the correct row.

Complete Activity 7A in your workbook

What's next?

Go to: 7.1 Row spacing.

Preparation of your garden Row spacing