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HT1021 - Practical skills -Tools
Shelter from the prevailing wind Preparation of your garden


Tools make gardening tasks  easier, quicker and cleaner.

Getting the correct tool for the  job is important. Hand tools also need to be the correct height and weight for the  user.

Hand tools and their uses

Activity 5 - Tools

Click on each tool to learn about its use.


Activity 5A

Drag and drop each tool to match a task.


Looking after your tools

Garden tools are expensive, but  if you look after them they will last a long time and do a better job.

  • It is important to clean off soil after using tools and to store the tools in a  dry place.
  • Rubbing the metal parts with an oily rag keeps water off the metal and prevents  rusting.
  • Sharpening the cutting edges makes gardening tasks easier.
  • Oil  wooden handles.

If garden tools are left lying outside they become rusty (oxygen + iron + water = rust) and also they can cause accidents.

Garden tools can be dangerous

Complete Activity 5B in your workbook

Tool shed

Key points   Key points

  • Know  the names of common garden tools and their uses.
  • Tools  need to be cleaned, sharpened, oiled and stored in a dry place so they will  last a long time and work effectively.

What's next?

Go to: 6 Preparation of your garden.

Shelter from the prevailing wind Preparation of your garden