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Successive sowing
Sowing seeds in a container Caring for seedlings

Successive sowing

When a small amount of seed is  sown at regular intervals over several weeks this is known as successive sowing.  The crop is then harvested over a longer period of time. Successive sowing is  important for home gardeners who need a steady supply of produce for eating. Crops that often  have successive sowings include leafy vegetables such as cabbage and quick maturing  root vegetables such as radishes.

Sowing other types of seed

  • Very fine seed is spread on the surface of the media and just firmed down, not  covered. You can mix the seeds with a little bit of fine dry sand then place  the mixture in a pepper pot. The seeds are then sown using the pepper pot for  even distribution over the surface of the media.
  • Large  seeds are planted individually into holes made in the media.

Key points Key points

  • Contents  of seed trays need to be firm and level.
  • Seeds  should be lightly covered with media to a depth of 2 x the diameter of the  seed.
  • Keep  seed trays somewhere warm.
  • Check  seedlings daily and water if necessary.
  • Growing  media is what a plant grows in.
  • A  good growing media provides water, air, nutrients and support for plants.
  • Generally,  an artificial media is used for container growing.
  • Seeds  and seedlings in containers can be kept in a protected environment.

What's next?

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Sowing seeds in a container Caring for seedlings