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Shelter from the prevailing wind
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Shelter from the prevailing wind

Ideally your vegetable plot will  be protected from wind. It is not always possible to have a good aspect with  plenty of sun and protection from wind at the same time. In Wellington, for  example, the prevailing wind in spring is a northerly. Shelter from the wind,  if not carefully done, could end up shading an area too much for good plant  growth to occur.

An arrow on a plan shows the  most common direction the wind comes from and represents the main wind  direction or prevailing wind.

The site plan below shows the  main wind direction and the direction of north for a section.

Diagram showing prevailing wind Site plan

It also has a key showing the main growing areas showing where the owners want particular plants to grow. In this case the areas include:

  • vegetable garden
  • lawn
  • shrubs
  • flowerbeds
  • trees
  • clothesline.

Where to put your plot

Now you know:

  • the  growing conditions required by plants
  • the  size of the plot
  • how  to find north and south
  • the  prevailing wind direction.

You can look in your section for  a suitable site.

You may find that you can fit  your plot into an existing vegetable garden. If not, you'll need to find a  convenient space. You may need to use a waste area or part of a lawn or  flowerbed.

Make sure your family agrees  with you about where your plot will go!

Use the checklist Use the  checklist in your workbook to help you with your decision.

You may not have a place that  has all the conditions that vegetables like.
  The most important thing they  need is a sunny place.

If you live in an apartment  block then an alternative to a plot is to grow your winter garden in large deep  containers. Any container used should be:

  • large  enough to contain the root system of the fully grown vegetable plants
  • clean,  with drainage holes in the bottom
  • filled  with a commercial potting or container mix that is moist but well-drained
  • placed  in a sunny spot sheltered from the wind.

Complete Activities 4B and 4C in your workbook

Key points   Key points

  • Plants  should be planted in a site that suits the growing needs they prefer. The  growing needs to be considered are amount of light, water, temperature and the  soil type that a plant prefers.
  • Vegetable  plants prefer a sunny, sheltered, flat site facing north with well-drained,  friable (easy to cultivate) soil.
  • A  site plan shows the existing features of a section.

North  is represented on a plan using this symbol. Symbol for North

The main wind direction or  prevailing wind is represented on a plan by the arrow Symbol for showing wind direction

What's next?

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Size of a vegetable plot Tools