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HT1021 - Practical skills
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HT1021 Practical skills


HT1021 Practical skills covers part of achievement standard 90157, AHS1.2: Demonstrate practical skills used in agricultural and horticultural production.

Find out here about what you will do, assessment requirements and what you will need to complete HT1021.

What you will do

Use the HT1021 study plan to work your way through the 11 sessions in this module.

Note: Do not plant lettuce seedlings during the months of April to September if the soil temperatures are too cold where you live.

You will:

  • draw a site plan
  • draw a planting plan
  • prepare a garden bed for seed sowing
  • sow seeds in a container
  • prick out seedlings
  • transplant seedlings
  • thin seedlings.


Your teacher will look at how well you:

  • draw a site plan
  • draw a planting plan
  • complete entries in your diary
  • complete the internally assessed practical skills including: Sowing seeds in open ground HT1021Y1, Cuttings HT1022Y1, Collecting, cleaning and grading seeds HT1023Y1, Pruning HT1024Y1, later in the year.

What you will need:

  • a site for a garden plot
  • tools: rake, spade, trowel, stringline, four sticks or pegs
  • general garden fertiliser
  • lettuce seeds (inserted in your workbook)
  • seed tray or ice-cream container with holes in the bottom
  • growing media such as seed-raising mix
  • float (or an item such as a block of wood)
  • sieve
  • watering can or fine rose on a hose
  • plastic or wooden labels or pieces of cut up ice-cream container
  • permanent marker pen
  • a piece of glass or heavy plastic to cover the seed tray
  • small notebook (3B1) for a diary (inserted in your workbook)
  • pencil and pen
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • glue
  • magazines that can be cut up
  • clean containers with drainage holes, for example yoghurt pots with holes punched in the bottom.

Safety first

Gardening activities include handling soil so it is a good idea to check that your tetanus vaccination is up to date. Tetanus is a bacterium that is long-lived in soil.

Some of the seeds you will be handling have a fungicide coating. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling seeds.


What's next?

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What is Horticulture