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HT1011 - Practical investigations - Practice investigation
Example of an investigation

Practice investigation

For this session, you first complete the workbook activity 5A.You will then design, carry out and write up a practice investigation. Wait for feedback on your practice investigation before you begin work on HT10111Y1.

Complete Activity 5A in your workbook

Practice carrying out an investigation: Breaking seed dormancy

  • This investigation will take about a week.
  • Follow the instructions in your workbook for this investigation.
  • You want to find out whether soaking seeds in water overnight speeds up germination of lupin seeds. Lupin seeds have a hard seed coat.
  • Record in your diary or a small 3B1 notebook any raw data you collect or observations you make. You will then use this unprocessed data to complete your write up of this investigation.

Complete Activity 5B in your workbook

What's next?

Once you have completed your activities, send your workbook to your teacher.

The remainder of the time for this standard should be spent on completing the internally assessed task HT1011Y1 for achievement standard AS 90156 Horticulture 1.1.

Complete Activity 5B in your workbook Once you have your teacher's feedback on your practice investigation, complete the assessment activity HT10111Y1 (that is the insert in the workbook HT10111).

Your supervisor should be present for some of the time.

Both you and your supervisor will need to sign the cover sheet of HT10111Y1 to confirm that the work is your own.

Send your well-labelled diary containing your raw data and your workbook HT1011 to your teacher for checking.

Example of an investigation