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HT1011 - Practical investigations
Designing investigations

HT1011 Practical investigations


HT1011 Practical investigations covers part of achievement standard 90918, AHS1.1: Carry out a practical agricultural or horticultural investigation.

Read the following to find out more about what you will do, assessment requirements and what you will need.

Use the HT1011 study plan as a guide to work your way through this course

What you will do

This work will take about 8 hours.

This work explains the principles of designing investigations and the process of carrying out investigations.

You will:


Your teacher will look at how well you:

  • complete the practice investigation, and will provide feedback before you complete HT1011Y1
  • complete activity HT1011Y1.

What you will need

  • lupin seeds
  • paper towels
  • two shallow containers such as petri dishes or clean meat trays
  • gladwrap
  • a small container to soak seeds in
  • your diary from HT1011 or a small notebook (3B1)
  • HT1011 workbook
  • HT1011Y1 assessment task

What's next?

Go to the first session: 1 Designing investigations.

Designing investigations