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1093 - Plant Propagation 3

1093 Plant Propagation 3


Find out here about what you will do, assessment requirements and what you will need to complete the work for HT1093.

What you will do

This work will take about 10 hours.

Use the HT1093 study plan to work your way through the 5 sessions in this module.

This resource covers part of:

You will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of propagating plants from layering
  • demonstrate knowledge of propagating plants from modified stems and roots
  • successfully divide a stem tuber.


Your teacher will look at how well you:

  • divide a stem tuber
  • complete the teacher-assessed work for HT1093 in your workbook
  • complete HT1093Y1.

Wait for your teacher's comments on your grafts, before completing HT1093Y1.


Overseas studentsDO NOT send plant material into New Zealand. Take photos of your practical work instead to email or post to your teacher.

What you will need

  • sharp knife or a budding or grafting knife
  • chopping board
  • an onion
  • a potato
  • tissues or a paper towel
  • plastic bag
  • newspaper.

What's next?

Go to: 1 Division.