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H1092 - Plant propogation 2 - Root cuttings
Leaf cuttings Plant Propagation 3

Root cuttings

Some plants can be propagated easily from root cuttings. Plants with fleshy roots, and trees and shrubs that produce suckers are suitable for this method of propagation. These cutting don’t need humid conditions, since they have no leaves to lose water.

Suitable plants are: lilac, raspberries, perennial phlox, blackberries, gypsophila, and horseradish.

Take root cuttings in autumn or spring to avoid disturbing the root’s growth. The roots also contain more stored food at this time. This helps the cuttings to grow.

How to take and plant the root cuttings

  • Expose the roots of the parent plant. Cut roots of about pencil thickness.
  • Cut the roots into sections 25–150 mm long.
  • Cut the top of each section square and the base with a slant.
  • Place them in the growing medium, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Put them on a hot bed or in a warm place.
  • Keep them well-watered.
Raspberry root cuttings

Raspberry root cuttings.

Complete Activity 7A in your workbook

Key points   Key points

  • Some plants with fleshy roots can be propagated using root cuttings.
  • Some plants that form suckers can be propagated from root cuttings.

Complete Activity 8 in your workbook

What's next?

  1. Complete the self-assessment form and cover sheet in your workbook.
  2. Return your workbook to your teacher.
  3. Continue with HT1093 Plant propagation 3.
  4. Complete HT1022Y1 after your teacher has given you feedback on your practice cuttings.
Leaf cuttings Plant Propagation 3