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1092 - Plant Propagation 2
Asexual propagation

1092 Plant Propagation 2


HT1092 Plant propagation 2 covers part of achievement standards:

Find out here about what you will do, assessment requirements and what you will need to complete the work for HT1092.

Use the HT1092 study plan to work your way through the sessions.

What you will do

You will:

  • describe and explain the conditions needed for successful plant propagation from stem and leaf cuttings
  • make three different types of stem cuttings.


Your teacher will look at how well you:

  • made three different types of stem cuttings
  • completed the teacher-assessed work for HT1092 in your workbook.

Wait for your teacher's comments regarding your practice cuttings before completing HT1022Y1.


Overseas studentsDO NOT send plant material into New Zealand. Take photos of your practical work instead to email or post to your teacher.

What you will need

  • your diary from HT1021 or a small notebook (3B1)
  • access to plant material suitable for taking cuttings
  • growing media such as seed raising mix or potting mix
  • plant pots or other suitable containers such as clean yoghurt pottles with drainage holes punched in the bottom
  • plant rooting hormone: either gel or powder number 2
  • secateurs, scissors and a knife
  • newspaper
  • clear plastic bags
  • HT1022Y1.

What's next?

Go to: 1 Asexual reproduction.

Asexual propagation