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HT1091 - Plant Propagation 1
Producing more plants

HT1091 Plant Propagation 1


HT1091 Plant propagation 1 covers part of achievement standards:

Find out here about what you will do, assessment requirements and what you will need to complete HT1091.

What you will do

This work will take about 8 hours.

This work explains the principles of sexual propagation of plants.

Use the HT1091 study plan to work your way through the 6 sessions for this standard.

You will:

  • collect and label the sexual reproductive parts of flowers
  • find examples of wind and insect pollinated flowers
  • carry out a germination test on radish seeds
  • sow seeds in open ground
  • collect, clean, grade and store seeds
  • explain the environmental and biological conditions affecting successful seed germination.


Your teacher will look at how well you:

  • collected and labelled reproductive parts of flowers
  • found examples of wind and insect pollinated plants
  • completed a germination test on radish seed
  • completed the teacher-assessed work for HT1091 in your workbook
  • sowed seeds in open ground
  • collected cleaned and graded seed for storage.

What you will need

  • radish seeds
  • broad bean seeds
  • corn seeds
  • carrot seeds
  • silverbeet seeds
  • lettuce seeds
  • turnip seeds
  • paper towels or filter paper
  • flat container such as the lid of an ice-cream container
  • use of a fork, hoe, rake, watering can or hose with a nozzle, and a string line
  • your diary from HT101 or a small notebook (3B1)
  • labels
  • marker pen
  • clear sticky tape
  • HT1091 workbook
  • 12 small envelopes.

What's next?

Go to: 1 Producing more plants.

Producing more plants