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Horticulture 1000
1101 - Plant Management 1
Plant parts

1101 Plant Management 1


HT1101 Plant Management 1 covers:

Find out here about what you will do, assessment requirements and what you will need to complete the teaching material for this standard.

What you will do

Use the HT1101 study plan as a guide to work your way through this topic.

You will:

  • describe the structure and function of plant parts and processes
  • describe the management practices involving plant training
  • make some pruning cuts
  • prune a plant
  • complete HT1024Y1 (after you have received comments from your teacher on your pruning cut sample).


Your teacher will look at how well you:

  • describe external and internal plant structures and their functions
  • describe plant processes
  • describe the effect of plant training methods on plants
  • describe and explain plant pruning techniques
  • carry out practice pruning cuts for HT1.2 Internally assessed skills.

What you will need

  • four peat pellets
  • ice-cream container – a two litre ice-cream container is ideal
  • nasturtium seeds
  • a suitable tree or shrub with shoots or branches less than two cm thick to use to make pruning cuts
  • secateurs or a sharp knife
  • a plant or hedge you can prune
  • scissors
  • glue
  • your diary from HT1021 or a small notebook (3B1).

What's next?

Go to: 1 Plant parts.

Plant parts