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Concept plans

A concept plan is a diagram which shows the general areas of the garden or landscape. Each area represents a different function. A concept plan shows:

  • buildings and entryways
  • utility areas
  • ornamental and living areas
  • recreational areas
  • shelter
  • production areas.

There is no detail in a concept plan.

You will need to know what the owner of the property wants so you can make a list of the user requirements. Using the information in this list and the site plan, assess the space needed for each area. Then locate the area in what appears to be the best position. You may need to draw several concept plans before you decide on the best one.

The user requirements for the site plan given in session 2 were for:

  • a low-maintenance native garden, the development of a vegetable garden and home orchard
  • screens to shut out the view from the neighbours
  • more shade on the deck in summer
  • the view open to the mountains
  • an increase in the children’s play area, to be seen from the deck and the kitchen
  • full fencing for safety
  • retaining the coprosma hedge, shed, deck and clothesline
  • parking space for another car
  • space for outdoor seating and portable barbeque.

The users also have a large budget.

Here is the concept plan showing the dfferent areas.

Concept plan

Complete Activity 9A in your workbook

You can either look at the images on page 30 in your workbook or download high quality images.

Key points   Key points

  • User requirements are what the people who will be using the garden require of the garden.
  • A concept plan is a general look at where the different areas used will best fit in the garden. The site plan and user requirements are used to develop the concept plan.

What's next?

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